Auroras Collections used a WordPress website to showcase their products, but it was ineffective for online and offline sales or conducting pop-up events.

Auroras, the UK's premier destination for some of India's most esteemed jewelry brands like Ra-Abta by Rahul, Opalina and Outhouse, were struggling to keep up with their brick-and-mortar operations. They needed an efficient solution that would enable them to manage both online and offline sales efficiently while also providing a mobile platform that could help support wedding events & tradeshows across Britain. The situation was concerning as they sought methods to best serve customers in this everchanging digital landscape.

With Jewelers League web design services, Auroras Collections now have full control over its website and product management. This includes a POS feature specifically designed for weddings and pop-up events so they can easily sell jewelry on the go. Their mobile-friendly platform makes it easy for customers to browse the site from any device, allowing Auroras to reach more potential buyers with their beautiful jewelry.

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