Chrissy Liu Jewelry

Chrissy wanted to upgrade her website and take it to the next level while also transitioning from Wix to Shopify. Her website did not reflect her unique jewelry designs, and didn't provide an intuitive purchasing experience for her customers.

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Leia Zumbro

Leia had an outdated website that lacked a modern touch to showcase her unique designs inspired by the wonders of the cosmos. She wanted her website to communicate the magic of everyday life while also focusing on brand visibility and a smooth browsing experience. Thus, an up-to-date site was necessary to achieve her goal!

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Cinnamon Sticks Designs

Canela, a pediatrician-turned-jeweler, faced two major hurdles with her existing website: unclear navigation and a lack of customization features. Her goal was to create a website where customers could easily navigate and customize products that reflect their meaningful moments in life. 

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Auroras Collection UK

Auroras, the UK's first multi-brand jewelry store that houses some of the most prominent Indian jewelry brands like Ra-Abta by Rahul, Opalina, and Outhouse, was using WordPress to showcase their products. However, they lacked an efficient and organized system to manage their online and offline sales, as well as a mobile-friendly platform that would make it easier for them to conduct wedding events and tradeshows across the UK.

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Holly Spagnola Designs

Holly Spagnola Designs, a passionate equestrian jewelry designer for 20 years, was in need of a website revamp to make it more appealing to her target audience. With the holiday season approaching, Holly needed quick solutions to improve her website's navigation and boost sales. 

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Susan Rodgers Designs

Susan Rodgers designs and creates jewelry designs inspired by the flattering elegant lines and textures of nature. Before working with our team, Susan found it difficult to organize her large number of SKUs. She also needed a website with a color palette true to her values and the ability for her customers to easily access her large inventory.

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Designs by Gisela Clemens

Gisela Clemens is a passionate designer who designs jewelry to empower and encourage. She wanted to transition her website from Wix to Shopify, to manage things efficiently.

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Suzanne Schwartz Designs

Suzanne's signature style incorporates intricate design details and metal textiles, making her jewelry timeless and wearable for the modern woman. Her website, however, did not reflect these key elements that made her work so distinct. So, we set out to give her website a complete overhaul to better reflect the uniqueness of her designs.

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Kate Winternitz Jewelry

Kate Winternitz had an old-fashioned website that didn't reflect her modern and contemporary jewelry. It was outdated, lacked necessary features, and didn't capture the beauty of simplicity that Kate Winternitz Designs stands for.

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Callista By Vinita

Callista By Vinita designs jewelry that embraces flaws and perfections and brings out the inner diva of her customers. Vinita's website before was an eyesore, but not functional enough for customers to purchase from. It had a stunning design with great artistry, however it lacked the simplified structure necessary for successful e-commerce operations.

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Nastava Jewelry

Nastava Jewelry designs bespoke statement jewelry using the finest materials. Beverly, the owner of Nastava Jewelry, was struggling to manage its huge inventory of thousands of SKUs and an array of jewelry styles.

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