Cinnamon Sticks Designs is a jewelry brand that specializes in personalized and meaningful jewelry pieces. Founded by Canela, a former pediatrician, it started as an Etsy store in 2008 and grew into a thriving business with its own Shopify website. 

The challenge for the company was to create modern product pages that could accommodate infinite personalization options such as birthstone and hand-graving choices. Canela also wanted to launch new Charm Collectors jewelry, with customers navigating several options and returning to add new charms or pendants.

To overcome this challenge, Canela approached Jewelers League to upgrade Cinnamon Sticks Designs’ online presence and make buying easier for her customers.

The goal was to create an intuitive and modern website that allowed customers to navigate through many customization options while keeping them focused on their desired outcome. Customer satisfaction was paramount, so our team did extensive research on successful personalization tips used by other leading e-commerce websites before designing the new pages. We took special care to ensure the new design would not be overwhelming or confusing for the customer, but rather simple yet effective in guiding them through the available choices quickly and efficiently.

With our help, Cinnamon Sticks Designs launched their new website with great success. Our customized solution allows Cinnamon Sticks Designs to reach more customers while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a seamless online user experience with plenty of customization options.

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