Enhancing the Equestrian Shopping Experience for Holly Spagnola Designs

Holly a passionate equestrian jewelry designer for 20 years, was in need of a website revamp to make it more appealing to her target audience. With the holiday season approaching, Holly needed quick solutions to improve her website's navigation and boost sales.

Our team at the Jewelers League was up for the challenge! We first revamped her home page to create a website hierarchy that would provide customers with easier access to all her products from the top. Additionally, we built a beautiful mega menu for customers to find and visit their desired collection. Finally, we designed a custom jewelry page that showcased Holly's expertise and provided detailed instructions on how clients could get their own custom pieces designed with her. 

Holly Spagnola Design was able to reach its seasonal goals in time for the holidays, with an improved website navigation system and greater customer engagement in her custom pieces.

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