Suzanne's signature style incorporates intricate design details and metal textiles, making her jewelry timeless and wearable for the modern woman. Her website, however, did not reflect these key elements that made her work so distinct. So, we set out to give her website a complete overhaul to better reflect the uniqueness of her designs.  

We began by doing a complete rehaul of Suzanne’s website. We customized all features and tools to meet her business goals while making it easier for customers to understand her work. Additionally, we helped create better inventory and product organization systems so that visitors could find what they were looking for quickly and easily. To increase engagement with potential customers, we created an informative video showing behind-the-scenes footage of Suzanne creating her intricate jewelry pieces from start to finish. 

The final project was successful in meeting all our goals. The new website reflects all aspects of Suzanne’s signature style and gives customers a deep look at the craftsmanship behind each piece. With our help, Suzanne now has an e-commerce platform that showcases her intricate stitched metal designs while providing customers with an easy way to explore and buy from her collection!

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